Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Parish Finances

The Parish Finance Committee
The finance committee advises the parish priest in relation to financial matters.
It also oversees many of the financial aspects of the parish including the analysis and review of the annual audit statement, monthly income, expenditure and liability requirements and coordination of all parish fund-raising programs in accordance with Diocesan rules.

The Weekly Family Giving Programme-Envelope Collection
The Family Offering is our most important source of income and we appreciate the generosity of all our contributors. This money covers the day to day running of the church which includes utility bills, insurance, small repairs and maintenance.
While we are pleased to receive money in any form, we do have a preference for Standing Orders as it reduces the administrative burden on the Parish. The form is available from the Sacristies of the Churches or the Parish Office.
The weekly total contributions to the Family Offering are included in the parish newsletter.

The First Collection at Mass
The first collection at mass supports the local priests and the retired and sick priests of the diocese.

The Second Collection at Mass
The second collection at mass unless otherwise stated is the Share collection.
Share was originally set up in the 1970s to provide funding to meet the needs of new and developing parishes. In more recent years, however, as the need for new churches diminished, Share has been used to refurbish parish churches, build parish pastoral centers and fund the diocesan administration of central services.
The share collection is replaced by 7 special collections during the year.

Tax Relief
Under the finance act, there is a scheme of tax relief on donations to eligible charities. Through this scheme it is possible for the parish to claim PAYE back on contributions greater than €250 made by a parishioner in a calendar year. This scheme will not cost you anything extra but it would be of great financial benefit to the parish, however to avail of it your consent is needed.
If you have paid Income Tax in the last calendar year and you are agreeable to co-operate with this scheme of reclaiming the Tax for the benefit of the parish please contact The parish office.
Through this scheme the contributions you have already paid will be of even greater benefit.

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